Oil painting is, without a doubt, one of the most sensuous, glorious, rewarding art forms on the planet. And yet, the opaque manner in which it is so often presented causes too many painters to struggle, fumble or eschew it altogether under the false notion that it requires the constant exposure toxic fumes from solvents. Not so.

Oil Painting Safe Practices, Materials & Supplies: The Essential Guide, by Written by contemporary artist Kimberly Brooks, uses straight forward language and simple illustrations allows artists to discover the medium as if for the first time. It is both a reference manual and a survival guide intended for experienced oil painters who want to paint without solvents or new painters who are approaching oil painting for the first time.

  • Deep dive into pigments from historical to modern
  • Paint without solvents and make your own mediums
  • Safe Best Practices
  • Product, Brands and the best Non Art Store Essential

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